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Third Grade

On Friday, May 11, 2018 Brown Upper Elementary third graders will take a field trip. We will leave the school that morning and travel to New Iberia, Louisiana. We will begin our trip at Avery Island, touring the Tabasco facility. Students will see the farms, as well as how the Tabasco sauce is made. We will have lunch at McDonalds. Then, we’ll leave New Iberia and travel to Lafayette, Louisiana for a tour at the University of Louisiana Lafayette campus. We will have dinner at Golden Corral and then return to the school.  If you have any questions about the trip you may contact me.

There are some requirements for students to go on the trip.

  • No more than 2 unexcused absences from April 3rd  - May 9th.
  • No more than 1 major referral from April 3rd - May 9th.
  • Students must pay $20 to help cover the cost of meals.

We will be doing a fundraiser that your child may do in order to earn the money required to go.

We are looking forward to our students getting to see some of the amazing things our state has to offer.

Wendy Crews

Third Grade Field Trip Leader


Please initial the appropriate box and return no later than April 06, 2018.

Child’s Name_____________________________ Homeroom ____________________


____, Yes, my child will attend the field trip to New Iberia, on May 11, 2018.

____, No, my child will NOT attend the field trip to New Iberia, on May 11, 2018.

Please read and Initial

_____ I would like to help chaperone, and I understand that if selected, I will be responsible for my expenses and that I may responsible for providing my own transportation, if there isn’t room on the charter buses. Cost will be $50 for chaperones.

_____ I understand that in order to be a chaperone, I will be required to complete a background check through Webster Parish School Board.

_____ I would like to attend, but not as an official chaperone. I understand I will be responsible for all costs and my own transportation.

_____ I will not be attending.


                                                                        Parent Signature


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